Lawn Maintenance

As a homeowner, you strive to have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood, and the key to achieving this status is by properly mowing your lawn.

Lawn mowing is the most common lawn care practice, but it is not always performed as often as it should be. A lot of homeowners wait until their lawn is overgrown to finally mow, but to maintain a healthy and happy lawn this service needs to be done on a regular basis. But, let’s face it mowing your lawn once a week (sometimes more or less frequently depending on the climate in which you live) becomes a dreadful chore.

Leave the mowing and trimming to the local professionals, and as soon as it’s done you will receive a completed picture of your lovely looking lawn.

There are many benefits to having your lawn mowed by professionals, it not only will make it look all neat and pretty it also helps make it very healthy. Mulching is a huge part in maintaining a healthy lawn, and this takes place during a lawn mowing. This is when the grass clippings form the mowed turfgrass are returned back into the soil. This helps to return much needed nutrients back to the soil after a mow. Not all lawn mowers have a mulching feature, so leave it to the professionals to make sure it is getting done properly.

Another benefit from having your lawn mowed is even growth and stronger grass. An uneven and patchy lawn can be a nightmare to deal with, as well as to look at. But, a regular mowing can help your lawn grow evenly and prevent this patchy growth. By cutting your grass down to a short, unified level consistently you are allowing for resources to be distributed evenly throughout the lawn. An even absorption of water and sunlight will help to promote even growth!