Tree Service

Serving Commercial and Residential Clients

Your property’s trees add beauty and value to your property. In the case of mature trees, they are an absolutely irreplaceable asset. Keep them healthy and protect your property with regular evaluations and treatments. O&R Landscaping is a full service tree care company, specializing in plant health care and pruning in accordance within ASI standards. We’re dedicated to improving and protecting your trees and shrubs so they last forever.


Always performed to ANSI standards, our Arborists oversee pruning for all ages and types of trees found at your property, including special purpose pruning as requested.

Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and bracing services offer additional structural support for weak or at risk trees. By limiting the movement of the tree, especially in areas prone to violent wind or extreme weather, we allow the tree to more quickly establish a solid support.

Lightning Protection

Especially important for historic trees and trees near buildings or structures, lightning protection packages offer security and protection for trees susceptible to lightning strike. The lightning protection kit includes copper stakes buried 60-80 feet from the tree, braided connecting copper wire to run the height of the tree out to the stakes, and copper conductors that are installed at the top of the tree. After installation, lightning protection systems require annual inspection and adjustment by our Arborists, as the tree grows.

Tree Removal

When all other options have been exhausted, tree removals are performed professionally and safely, using our industry’s best practices. This is the most dangerous service we offer and all removals will be performed with strict diligence to protect our employees, our clients, and your property.

Stump Grinding

After a tree is removed the remaining stump may be removed with our grinding service, even if the stump does not present an immediate safety hazard. Our professionals will take great care to remove the nuisance stump without causing any damage to your surrounding landscape materials.


We’ll help select the right types of trees for your property’s micro climate and environment. Whether replacing trees lost to removal or adding new trees to an existing landscape, our certified Arborists partner with you to make certain that new tree plantings will enrich and add value to your property for years to follow.

Disease and Pest Management

Our certified Arborists are educated in diagnosing disease and pests in your trees. Once correctly identified, we create and deliver treatment programs to correct and maintain the health of your trees and shrubs. Regular inspections monitor that our treatment programs are remaining effective. All chemical controls will be applied by a specially licensed applicator technician, using only products approved for use by the local ordinances governing such products.


Soil fertilization is the key to the long term health of your trees and shrubs. Our Arborists will take soil samples from across the property then use the results to create an overall soil fertilization program, tailored for your trees. Fertilization programs consider all local ordinances governing the use of fertilizers and times of year when specific mixes may be applied.

Pest Management

Beyond elimination of surface roots and roots that encroach on paved areas or structures, our Arborists can recommend treatments and services to invigorate your tree’s root system. Removing compacted mulch or soil at the tree’s base through the use of assorted specialty air tools allows the root system to thrive, resulting in healthier and more attractive mature trees.