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Manolo Escobar (1932–2003) was a very famous Spanish singer, who sold millions of records and was very popular in Latin America .

Pablo Escobar (Colombian drug kingpin) is probably the most famous person in the history of Colombia. Pablo Escobar was killed on October 20, 1993 .

The Uruguayan singer, songwriter and producer, Gabriel Elorza has recorded several versions of Manolo Escobar’s song El Porompompero, which “hit the number one spot on Latin radio throughout the year of 1984”. He has also released a hit with a version of Manolo Escobar’s song, El Porompompero

Here is a manolo escobar song I Like : “Hasta la Victoria Siempre” ( lyric : Herrera Dxita aberto with manolo escobar)

I Like No 1 (Manolo Escobar)

Manolo Escobar was the number one singer in the Spanish radio during the year of 1984.

You can play the following songs by Manolo Escobar: “El Porompompero”.

I like no 1 (Manolo Escobar)

Alfredo de Anda is a new Argentinian artist who sings songs popularized by famous Colombian singer Manolo Escobar.

Check out my interlude on WhoSampled, Manolo Escobar is a famous Colombian singer who was the biggest star in the 1980s.HyperV is a virtualization technology introduced by Microsoft in Windows Server 2008. It is based on Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) technology and features the hardware virtualization support found in Microsoft’s earlier offering, Windows Server 2003. It is compatible with both Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

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