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Syntastic is a Vim script/plugin to integrate syntax highlighting for a multitude of programming languages.

Syntastic is simple to use and can be quickly and easily customized.

Syntastic provides functionality to recognize the language, any import / namespace statements, and the current file contains the proper import / namespace references.

It is possible to customize the Syntastic options for a new language, by modifying the abbreviations file.

The default abbreviations file for 99d5d0dfd0

An import dialog box is provided that allows the user to easily define the locations in the model where all the new geometry should appear. Rounding tolerance, minimum number of faces and maximum edge length can all be easily configured to be imported from or exported to STEP files. It is also possible to define a tolerance on the number of faces that should be preserved. STEP Import for SketchUp can be configured to perform three different types of import operations: Automatic, Point-to-Point, and Geometry-–te-atreverias-a-probarlo.html