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Create Symbolic Links (
Symbolic links are shortcuts that connect one physical file or folder to another physical file or folder. They enable users to save time and effort by allowing them to link to files and folders without having to copy them.
To create a symbolic link, use the Symbolic Links Maker utility. This utility is preinstalled with the Windows operating system.
Specifies whether the link will be created with hard or soft linking. Hard links can be read and modified by any user. Soft links cannot be read or modified.
To specify whether the link will be created as a file or a folder.
To specify the target of the link. The target can be a file or a folder.
To enter the target path or select one from the available list.
To enter the source path. The source can be a file or a folder.
To specify whether the source and target path can be the same.
To specify the comment to be included in the file or folder.
Windows Symbolic Link Maker is an easy-to-use software application that enables you to seamlessly put together symbolic links for files and folders.
It comes bundled with an approachable set of options that can be tackled with ease by all types of users, even the ones not accustomed to such software.
No setup required, besides.NET Framework
The entire tool’s packed in a single.exe file that you can save anywhere on the disk or copy to a USB flash drive, in order to seamlessly run it on any PC. It doesn’t make any changes in the system registry or create files on the disk without asking for permission. However, you must have.NET Framework installed, since it was developed with the help of this platform.
Create symbolic links for files and folders
When it comes to the interface, Windows Symbolic Link Maker opts for a small window with a plain appearance and simple layout, where all options are visible. You can pick the link type between file and directory, handpick the target and file, as well as optionally make the file links hard.
All changes are applied with the click of a button and it’s not necessary to restart the computer to inspect results. On the other hand, there are no options implemented for putting together multiple links at the same time, in