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Rinzo XML Editor is a free XML editor, download it now. Rinzo XML Editor is a fully featured free XML editor for Windows (and Linux) and the Internet. It allows you to edit XML documents or view them. Rinzo XML Editor is lightweight, fast, small, and easy to use.
XML Documents: Rinzo can edit XML documents directly, and is able to edit and view XML documents. Rinzo XML Editor is based on open XML technology and XML schema, so no need to worry about any complex XML, whether it is simple or complex format XML document, you can open them easily.
XML Views: Rinzo supports XML views and XML schema, you can easily open the documents you need, and view them in any browser or from any directory. You can even export them to other file formats easily.
XML Transformation: Rinzo also supports XML transformations. You can transform XML documents or create XML views and open them easily.
Export: Rinzo can export the data to.HTML, XLS, TXT, and other file formats easily.
Paste, Edit, and Rename: Rinzo also supports editing by Paste and Edit, you can easily edit the text, images, or tables in the XML documents.
XML Validators: Rinzo supports XML validators, you can easily edit the XML documents you need by using these validators, so you can work effectively in the XML documents.
XML Comment: Rinzo can support comments for the XML documents, you can comment your XML documents easily. You can also add the comments to the XML documents, you can remember more clearly the information in the documents.
XML Schema: Rinzo can read and write the XML documents according to the XML schema. The schema can be used by Rinzo to open XML documents easily. You can check the XML schema for the documents in the document directory.
XML Auto-save: Rinzo can auto-save the XML documents every second, you can edit the XML documents easily.
Compatible with All Windows Versions: Rinzo can be used in all Microsoft Windows version, so you can work easily with it.
Password Protect: Rinzo can support the password protection, you can protect your XML documents easily.
Support All Languages: Rinzo supports all languages. You can use it for working easily.
Include/Exclude: Rinzo can support the Include/Exclude setting, you can include or exclude the XML 70238732e0

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Macro Keyer allows you to easily automate repetitive tasks. Any program or script can be saved as a macro. Macros are stored as text documents and are executed in any program. The operations of the macro can be previewed.
Key MACRO Features:
Works in all programs (Including Microsoft Word and Outlook)
Allows you to automate any repetitive task
Records multiple commands into a single macro
User Interface: Allows to save macros with different names, and even different formats
Macro Keyer supports all keyboard shortcuts
Many features are not only only for Office users, but also for any program
Can be used for both Mac and PC
Easy to understand
Key MACRO can be started by just pressing a key on your keyboard, or a combination of keys, that are setup for that purpose
Can be used to execute any program, or script, from the program or disk
Support for any Key on your keyboard
Support for any language – simply change the document language, and the commands will appear in your language.
Support for Document Templates
Settings of text, paragraph, character formatting, font and font size, and more.
Support for multiple fonts, and font sizes
Support for images, graphics, and tables, and more.
Support for screen capture
Support for tables, pictures, text, and more
Support for Office Word documents
Support for Excel documents
Support for HTML files
Support for other types of documents
Support for iCal files
Support for iPhoto files
Support for PDF files
Support for applications like DropBox, Google Drive, and more
Support for scripts or programs that are in a separate program
Support for other applications
Support for other file types
Support for other applications

Download and Install KeyMACRO Desktop
To install KeyMACRO, simply download the file and install it.
Download KeyMACRO
KeyMACRO License Agreement
You acknowledge that you have read and understand the Software License Agreement. If you do not agree with the terms of the Software License Agreement, then you may not use this Software. You may not sublicense or assign your rights to use the Software to any third party.
KeyMACRO v1.1.2

Download and Install KeyMACRO Desktop
To install KeyMACRO, simply download the file and install it.
Download KeyMACRO
KeyMACRO License Agreement
You acknowledge that you have read and understand the Software License Agreement. If you do not agree with the terms of the