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KeyMacro can perform many operations on your files, folders, drives or online accounts.
KeyMacro functions that give it a special status are
– Cut, Copy, Paste, Deleting, Moving.
– Import, Export.
– Change file and folder properties, move, rename, create, delete, encrypt, unprotect, unmove.
– Search and replace, find and replace, case change.
– Chrome Extension support:
– Add, Edit, Delete extension
– Plugin support:
– Add, Edit, Delete plugin
– All browser Support:
– Support IE 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge,
– Save file or folder as one of available file types.
– Copy file or folder from anywhere
– Automatically copy selected text.
– Copy file or folder as one of available file types.
– Easy to use and efficient.
– Completely secure, safe, reliable and reliable
KeyMacro is a virtual helper that can copy and move files and folders to a desired location or to a different directory. It is very useful if you are a frequent user of the Windows clipboard and need to copy and paste files, folders or text of various sizes at the same time. You can combine a series of operations, such as copy, paste, delete and move. This tool can be used to improve productivity. The most convenient way to transfer files from one machine to another, from one directory to another or between computers and from or to various online accounts. You can also create copies of your files, folders and drives on your own. You can also safely and easily copy the entire or selected data from the clipboard and paste it to the desired location. If you need to perform a series of operations on your files and folders, copy, paste, cut, paste, delete, move and change properties, this is the best way.
KeyMacro supports multiple file and folder operations:
– Cut: delete a file or a folder and paste it to a different location.
– Copy: copy a file or a folder to another location.
– Paste: paste a file or a folder to another location.
– Delete: delete a file or a folder.
– Move: move a file or a folder from one location to another.
– Create: create a file or folder.
– Decrypt: decrypt a file or a folder.
– Unprotect: unprotect a file or 70238732e0

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=========== ======================================
Option Parameter -? Display help options
-h, –help Display help
-d, –download File to be downloaded
-f, –follow Follow links when the file is downloaded
-i, –ignore Ignore non-consecutive files
-m, –make Make a new archive
-o, –out-dir [OUTDIR] Directory to store the new archive
-s, –suffix [SUFFIX]
-t, –targets File list
-u, –url [URL] The URL or filename of a file to be
-v, –verbose Enable verbose mode
-? Display help options
Options are described in order of appearance in the command line.
-d, –download
File to be downloaded.
The program merges file (or files) listed on the command line into a new
archive, keeping the names of original files intact.
By default, the result file is created at the current working directory.
To create a directory, list an existing directory instead of a file. For
example, to merge files from a directory named “dir”, enter:
htmldocmerge.exe -d “dir” -f -i -m out.html
-f, –follow Follow links when the file is downloaded
When the link exists, the file will be downloaded even if it is a file,
a directory or a symbolic link.
-i, –ignore Ignore non-consecutive files
If a file is not the last one listed, the file will not be downloaded.
For example, “dir/1a.html” and “dir/1b.html” are ignored.
To ignore several files, specify a list separated by the
commas character (,’).
-m, –make
Make a new archive.
If you don’t specify any option, the program creates a new archive.
-o, –out-dir
Directory to store the new archive.
-s, –suffix
A suffix is added to the file name when the file is saved. By
default, the suffix is the same as the original file name.
For example, to save the file “file.html” as “file.html.bak”, enter:
htmldocmerge.exe -o out.html -s “.bak” file.html