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Achieve accessibility to function-initiated batch processes through the authentication of an ordinary input event.
Use cases:
• Applications requiring an urgent process initiation upon a user pressing a predefined button or keystroke.
• Consumer applications requiring time-based background processes.
• Banking and financial software, wherein high-security requirements are required.
• Automotive applications requiring a security measure to be initiated when the user presses a predefined button or keystroke.
• Banking and financial software, wherein time-based background processes require an authentication method that is flexible and compatible with all software applications.
Using Jackcrypt macro logic, an input is allowed only upon the authentication of an ordinary input event. A macro is executed by pressing the desired key, button or a combination thereof.
A macro is based on a function-initiated batch process and is linked to an application registered for input events.
In this way, input events are automatically decrypted to allow macro-based processes to initiate by the user pressing a button or keystroke.
There is no need to modify any application’s source code to enable input events decryption. Moreover, Jackcrypt does not log any event or data that is decrypted.
Jackcrypt macro decryption only works on input events.
Macros that are executed through Jackcrypt are as effective as macros that are triggered by keys or buttons.
Workflow has been simplified: only macros that are triggered by input events are processed.
User Experience:
A user can select a macro that is suitable for his or her application’s functionality requirements and specify the initiation of the macro.
A simple user interface dialog is provided.
Macro logic:
Jackcrypt macros are invoked upon input events. A macro is a function-initiated batch process.
The macro’s command is activated by an input event on the computer keyboard.
Keys, buttons, and combinations thereof can be used as macros.
Macro fields can be directly created in the application’s source code or configured in the Jackcrypt macro editor.
The macro editor automatically discovers the keys, buttons, and combinations thereof, and disables them as non-macro keys and buttons.
Keys and buttons that are not macro keys or macros cannot be selected.
Macro logic fields can be configured.
Permission mechanism: 70238732e0

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This is a version of Mac OS Keychain Password Manager that works with Windows. The application runs in a separate window instead of the main Finder window, so it can be accessed conveniently. The password protection of files on your Mac desktop is handled by this app.
This application encrypts the data on your local desktop, and each encrypted file has a master password that can be set to be automatically unlocked with the help of the app. You can use this app to make your life easier.
Some settings are available in the first two rows, such as the master password and the encryption mode. Other features include password expiry date, filename expiration date, and password hint.
This application doesn’t need the Keychain feature that is used by the Mac OS X Keychain Password Manager. This is because it encrypts all files in a directory and then decrypted and encrypted again.
There are five methods for securing your files with this app. You can use a 256-bit AES encryption, an MD5 encryption, a SHA1 encryption, a SHA2 encryption, or a SHA3 encryption.
You can also set a master password to help you encrypt your files manually.
Some manual settings can be used, including the master password, the password hint, the password expiration date, and the expiration date for the encrypted files.
So, it is an application that can be used for both Mac and Windows users to encrypt their files.
Security Finder is a password manager app for Mac. Its main feature is password safe. You can use it to store your passwords in a secure place and you can use it to automate the process of logging in to your Mac, iTunes, and your favorite website.
This application generates a random new password for each login, which is different from the existing one, so that it is highly unlikely that one password will be used in more than one account.
Apart from password safe, you can also encrypt your files in this app. When you install this app, it is automatically connected to your Mac and it doesn’t need to be connected to your Mac.
You can change the password and the length of your password. You can also check the status of your password. So, this app is an effective tool for managing your passwords, encrypting your files, and keeping your personal information safe.
CAST-ELEC TELDA Description:
CAST-ELEC TELDA is a feature-rich data backup and security software application that encrypt