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– Results graphical representation and statistical analysis
– Cross correlation between two variables
– Significant intervals
– Relative evaluation between treatment groups
– Resistance ratio calculation
– Simplified and efficient work with the help of flexible visualizations
– Analysis in a single click
– With the help of the FACTORY, you can automatically generate the dataset

Adobe Reader (version XI) is a free application that allows you to open, view and print electronic documents. It is included on all versions of Windows OS.You can also download the latest version of Adobe Reader (version XI)

KEYMACRO Description:
– Modify the appearance of the document with the help of the range of visual effects
– Includes the Fonts and add-ons
– Interacting with the macros included in the vocabulary
– Manage the notes and keywords

EMCASoft Office Essentials is an office-ready, multi-platform application that provides a complete suite of business and personal productivity applications for Microsoft Office. With its cost-effective subscription plans, you can create, edit, and save your Office documents online, or on any computer.Q:

Equation is of the form $a+b\alpha+c\alpha^2$, where $\alpha$ is a cube root of unity

Let $\alpha$ be a cube root of unity and let $\alpha^3=-1$. Prove that the equation
is solvable in real numbers $a$, $b$, $c$


If $\alpha^3=-1$, then $\alpha^3=\alpha^{ -1}$, hence $\alpha=\alpha^{ -1}$.
This implies that $\alpha=\alpha^2$.
Thus, your equation becomes
Hence, you can take $c=0$.

Steve McNair’s life ended in a hospital rather than a funeral home, his ex-wife suggested this week.

The widow of former Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair questioned the decision to keep her ex-husband alive at a hospital instead of a funeral home.

What will my life be if my husband dies at the hands of the Dallas PD with the sole intent of protecting my ex-husband?

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The Macro feature in Quantrix is meant to bring automation to your formulas. You can set it as you wish; it comes with some default settings that can be changed from the Tools menu. You can simply click and drag the fields you want to be defined as variables and enter the required formula in the spreadsheet to set the value.
As soon as you’ve added the defined values, you can edit them, as the changed formula will be applied to each spreadsheet that it is part of. This can be an invaluable tool when you use spreadsheets for record keeping and other purposes, such as class schedules, bank accounts, or even restaurant schedules.
#3. MATHEVALC Description:
The MathEVALC is the counterpart of the MATHFUNC. It’s somewhat similar to that of the function, but you can still use it to transform an input with any type of numbers, decimals, and dates.
#4. MATHFUNC Description:
The MATHFUNC lets you work with functions and formulas in a spreadsheet. It is the easiest way to put a custom formula to work with some data and return a result. You can even enter a formula to calculate some standard functions, such as averages, modes, or even percentages.
#5. FINDVL Description:
The FINDVL feature has been created for such occurrences where you need to search for a value in a list of cells. It gives you the freedom to define the cell values for the search. You can either use it in an average, sum, min, max, or any other way you need. It has been meant for use with numeric values.
#6. MATHEVAL Description:
The MATHEVAL feature has been