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The mibbrowser is a basic tool that can be used to open and view selected mib files. It was written to be as compact as possible.

It is free to use and can be downloaded from the Nstrument SNMP Mib Browser website.

You can extract this file to any folder. This is just a zip archive.

No installation.


Open the file “nmsnmpmibbrowser.exe” and hit Enter to run the app. It’s a desktop application.

The Mib Browser can be started from any folder. To open a mib file from within a folder, simply double-click the file.

Some installation settings are used to determine how the application should be started. To change these settings, double-click the MyMibBrowser.exe icon and change the settings in the properties window.

Use the following command line switches to control the behavior of the Mib Browser:
-agent=[agent name or IP address] — SNMP Agent Name or IP Address
-path=[path to mib files] — The location of the mib files to view
-mib=[name of mib] — The name of the mib file to view
-silent — Disables all output to console
-help — Displays this help text

The above command line switch can be used multiple times. For example, if you want to see mibs from a group of SNMP agents, you would type:

The Mib browser is best used with the default settings. You should not change the mib format.

To see all the mib files, use -help or -silent. To see mibs from a SNMP agent, use -agent and -path. To list mibs in a certain format, use -format. For example, to list mibs in graph mode, use -format graph.

To stop the application, type “exit”.


The Mib Browser has several options that can be set using the -? command line switch.

The mib browser has its own preferences and is intended to be used in a GUI setting.

To change any of the mib browser settings, use the following command line switch:
-pref=[name of the pref] — The 0cd6e936a3


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FilteringProxy is a fully featured, powerful and easy to use proxy server. Built with just a few lines of code, it is the fastest and most effective proxy server available today. You can filter what content you see on your favorite websites. This app works perfectly, without the need for additional software.

Built with just a few lines of code, FilteringProxy is the fastest and most effective proxy server available today. The app has been fully tested for compatibility with all common proxy technologies like squid, tproxy, freeproxy, soproxy, proxifier, privoxy and others.

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FilteringProxy comes with a handy, easy to use proxy server UI. It can be run as a service in the background, using Linux / macOS / Windows services. It runs as a daemon and you can automate proxy configuration with scripts, or you can use it just to be a proxy in your network.

FilteringProxy supports authentication, so that users can be grouped and the app doesn’t share its logins with other users on your computer. It can be used as a proxy in your network, but it also supports a “client-only” mode for easier use and better integration with your existing software.

FilteringProxy is available in two flavors. The Lite version is free, but it is limited to 1 worker. The