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QueryStorm creates and manipulates Excel files from a SQL database. Users can export queries, data, queries, charts, formulas, tables, and more to Excel. The QueryStorm Excel plugin is an application-level driver for Excel that allows you to interact with data via a familiar GUI environment. You can interact with the data and manipulate the output of a query in a familiar Excel-like environment.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you are planning to use Excel and a database in a single application is the underlying processes, and the data will be transported from and to Excel by QueryStorm. You might need a valid driver and install it on your computer first to be able to run the plugin.
The client-server-model of the plugin allows QueryStorm to be a standalone program, meaning that it doesn’t need to be installed along with your database, or along with any other software.
The high-level overview of the QueryStorm interface allows you to export the data to Excel as a table, and you are provided with a variety of tools and options to help with designing a user-friendly interface.
You can use the SQL Server Excel tab as a first interface for learning about the tool. The QueryStorm page features a number of actions that you can use to find out more about its capabilities.
QueryStorm Example:

As can be seen in the image above, the Excel tab opens with the browser window showing a database which you can add to by clicking on “Add Database”. The tab then features an autocomplete feature that guides you towards tables, and you can also edit the name of the database.
In order to proceed, you need to click on “SQL Server” in order to load the respective driver. After that, you can go ahead and add tables by clicking on the “Add Table” option, and you will be guided by an autocomplete feature to add and format the tables.
Once you are done with that, you can drag the tables you added over a worksheet. You can then select them to be used in your queries, or you can create a new worksheet and select the table you want to insert to the sheet.
You can also create a new query, and the autocomplete feature can help you to design it.
You can also export the data as a table or excel sheet by clicking on the button “Export Table” or “Export Sheet”. 0cd6e936a3

Playlist Creator for Nokia Phones (Playlist Creator for Nokia Phones) is a powerful and a straightforward application that has only one purpose: transfer music from your PC and automatically create playlists for your Nokia phones. It works by searching through all the music on your device and creating playlists based on the folder structure it finds. If you have a folder called “Abba,” then a playlist with the same name will be created containing all the music in that particular folder. If your base folder also contains a sub-folder, for example, one named “Waterloo,” then the app will create two playlists, one named after the base folder and one after the sub-folder, and so on. More so, if your Nokia devices can spare the memory space, you can just press the “Create an “All Music” playlist” and all the music on your PC will be transferred into your phone. Playlist Creator for Nokia Phones Requirements: There is a requirement to a minimum of 3.2MB space on your Nokia phone memory. This is also the requirement to be able to play audio files.Q:

Twitter fetching tweets & C# code

I’m trying to write a program that fetches tweets from Twitter and finds mentions of a string in the tweets. I want the program to wait until the tweets have been completely received (rather than running at startup), then collect mentions and display them on screen. I’ve tried creating a background thread (as a part of a login prompt, which I’ll post a separate question on), but to no avail. The problem is that the code seems to get stuck in the while(true) loop, even though the tweet data (that I’m trying to loop through) is sent. I’m not sure if my design is wrong or there’s something wrong with the code itself. I don’t know if the data needs to be released from the string[] arrTweet or if the thread just needs to be destroyed. Any help is appreciated.
Edit: Figured out the problem.


I made it work. I created a background thread which waits until all data has been received, then processes it.


Fetching a lot of data from Twitter’s REST API is not easy.
The problem is that it’s asynchronous, so you don’t know when the data has been fetched. The only way to actually know if the data is there is to poll Twitter, waiting until the data has been